5 Reasons to Buy Refurbished Computers

Nowadays electronics and computers in particular are the main tools for work and entertainment for many people. Especially during lockdowns and other restrictions, the importance of personal electronic devices becomes apparent. But during these hard times, not everyone can afford a brand new laptop or computer. Buying refurbished computers can be a solution for many people. Let’s talk about why refurbished computers are better than brand new.

1. Refurbished computers save money

The most attractive part in buying refurbished computers is cost. It saves you a lot of money and gets you a good device for the fraction of the cost. No need to pay more for brand new packaging and a shiny glossy finish (of course, only if it’s not  important to you!). Refurbished computers are typically sold at a lower price compared to brand new models. Since they have been previously used, they are often available at a discounted price, making them more affordable for budget-conscious buyers.

2. Refurbished computers save our Planet

Of course, some people prefer the latest, brand new technology and it’s fine in a way. However, refurbished tech helps reduce electronic waste. Refurbishing extends the lifespan of each device. Instead of being dumped into our landfill, a device gets a fix and an upgrade and survives for another 2-3 cycles. On top of that, buying refurbished computers saves us from another few devices manufactured (and ending up in a landfill at some point).

3. Warranty

It’s not as scary as some think. Most companies provide warranty on their devices. It may not be as long as you would get with a brand new device, but it still gives you peace of mind that you are not getting bricks from day one. Our warranty covers hardware defects and can be extended up to 1 year at extra cost for each eligible device.

4. Brand new parts

Refurbished computers are not always about used and outdated machines. Upgrades and fixes are often performed using brand new parts like batteries, keyboards, memory, SSDs and more. This offers quality workmanship for years to come.

5. Installed and tested

Refurbished computers normally come with pre-installed software like operating system and basic software packages like PDF readers, image viewers etc. All refurbished computers get tested and repaired if needed by qualified technicians. This should provide a lot of comfort to someone hesitant about buying refurbished computers.

It’s really hard to imagine our lives without laptops and computers, especially during pandemic times we go through now. And if you are trying to save money, buying a refurbished computer can help you with that. After all, you will be getting a good, working device you can enjoy for years!